WordAi Version 2 Preview

By | May 7, 2013

wordai-version2You may or may not have heard that there is going to be a major update to WordAi this Thursday (9th May). The update is free for all existing users and the pricing will remain the same but we have been told to expect WordAi Version 2 to be much better at producing readable and unique content.

The developers have apparently greatly improved the human readability algorithm so it is even better at determining whether a synonym doesn’t make sense or sound right.

improved the human readability algorithm

Whereas with the existing version of WordAi a few minutes of manual “touching up” was required after spinning to produce content which look like it was hand written and also unique enough to pass Copyscape and avoid any duplicate content issues with Google. With this new version we are told that no manual work will be required!

WordAi already enables me to produce content very quickly but a tools with the ability to produce unique content which looks hand written at the push of a button would be a very powerful tool indeed.

no manual work will be required!

Today, existing users – of which I am one – were given a “sneak peak” of what to expect from the update in the form of some “randomly” chosen articles which have been spun in the new version of WordAi. I’ve posted some below so you can see the quality of the resulting auto-spun content. Click on the images to see them at full size.

wordai random article 1word ai article 2wordai random article 3

Each article passes Copyscape and has had no manual editing – just one click auto-spins. InĀ  my opinion these article read quite well – they are not perfect but I cannot find one synonym or sentence which does not make sense. To the untrained eye they look like had written articles – which is fantastic for one creating content at the click of a button.

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Once the new update is live on Thursday I will be conducting my own tests which I will post here so stay tuned.