WordAi Standard vs Turing Plan

By | May 29, 2013

I have been asked a few time to do a comparison of the WordAi Standard ($19.95 /month) and Turing ($49.95 /month) spinners as there is quite a large difference in price. I am guessing a lot of people would like to know whether the extra $30 per month is worth it. So I headed off to ezine articles and copied their most recent article (Tips for Healthy Living) and fed it through both spinners – the results are below in the form of screen-grabs – just click on the images to see them at a readable size.

A couple of things to note:

  1. I set WordAi to not edit or spin paragraphs and lists: These are new WordAi Version 2 features which edit out some sentences and re-order paragraphs and lists. They work exactly the same for both the Regular and Turing spinners. This comparison is more concerned with the quality of word, phrase and sentence spinning from both plans.
  2. Spinning quality: The Standard and Turing spinner work quite differently where this is concerned. Setting the Standard spinner to ‘Readable’ will produce a much more unique spin (but much less readable) than the Turing spinner using the  ‘Readable’ setting. So I adjusted the spinning quality settings to produce a similar uniqueness (around 60%).

The original article:

original article

Super unique spins:

A super unique spin is a rewrite using the best alternative synonyms, phrases and sentences.

WordAi 2 Standard plan

standard super unique spinIn my opinion this would require a bit of editing before posting on your website or any first tier site (sites directly linking to you website). Otherwise it reads OK. It’s still much better than any other brand of spinner (see below).

WordAi 2 Turing plan:

turing susThis reads much better in my opinion and requires no editing. Another interesting comparison it the time it to to produce the spins. about 5 seconds or the Standard spin above and about a minute for this Turing spin. There is obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes with this one.

ChimpRewiter spin:

chimprewriter spinJust to show you can see how much better either WordAi plan is in comparison to other spinners at auto-spinning, here is the same article spun using ChimpRewriter to a similar uniqueness. ChimpRewriter is on a par with other software spinners such as Spinnerchief and “The Best Spinner” (I have used all of them). It has a huge thesaurus and uses a “parts of speech” feature to select suitable synonyms but it’s auto spin – as you can see – is nowhere near as good as even WordAi’s Regular spinners. I use ChimpRewriter every day for many tasks (it has a ton of very useful features) but not one click  auto-spinning, for that I use the Turing spinner.

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The spintax

If you want to delve a little deeper here is the spintax for both the Standard and Turing spinner

Standard plan

standard plan spintax

Turing Plan

turing plan spintax

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I hope you have found these comparisons useful. I personally use the more expensive Turing plan as and extra $30 per month is nothing compared to how much you can earn using it. But if you are short of cash the Standard plan is a good option and will save you a lot of time. Don’t forget you can try either of these spinners out for 3 days without paying a penny.