WordAi Review

By | April 3, 2013

WordAi is an online content spinner/rewriter which does something that no other spinning/rewriting software or service is capable of: it spins entire sentences as well as words and phrases. It understands the context of words and sentences enabling to to produce readable and unique content at the push of a button. You will find some examples of what it can do below.


Create Readable Unique Content On Autopilot

Why is this so important? Having unique, readable content on your website and surrounding back-links to you website is the most important factor for ranking websites in 2013. To achieve this you either have to:

  • Write the content yourself – this is great if you are good at writing and you know a lot about the subject you are writing about. For most of us this is not the case however.
  • Pay someone to write for you. There are plenty of writing services on the web. You can expect to pay around $1 per 100 words for anything decent.
  • Manually spin content. I’ve spent many hours spinning articles and I hate it. Spend 4 or 5 hours properly spinning a 500 word article (sentence,phrase and word spinning) and you will could post it a few hundred times without any duplicate content issues. But using one spun article (even if it is spun deeply) for all your contextual back-links will not look natural and you run the risk of being penalised by google.
  • Have software spin content for you. Up until now this method was simply not viable as the quality of the content produced was poor and unreadable or simply not unique enough. This is where WordAi can help.

If you are reading this then I assume that it is the last two that interest you the most. While you can spin manually in WordAi it’s main purpose is to auto spin i.e. the software does all the spinning for you at the click of a button.

Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

WordAi Features: Sentence Spinning

WordAi is unique in that it can recognise the structure of sentences and rearrange them while retaining readability. This wouldn’t be much of a review without some examples:


Note these are sentences spun in their Turing Spinner on their “Very Readable” setting. Using a more unique setting will cause it to add more word and phrase spins but I just wanted to show you how it can understand and spin sentences.

Original sentence:
It is awfully embarrassing when I am with a guy.

{It is awfully embarrassing when I am with a {guy|man}|When I am with a {guy|man} it is awfully embarrassing}.

Original sentence:
Her legs felt very weak as she climbed the stairs.

{Her legs felt {very|quite} weak as {she climbed the stairs|the stairs were climbed by her}|As {she climbed the stairs|the stairs were climbed by her} her legs felt {very|quite} weak}.

Original sentence:
As the vibrations from the bones in the middle ear enter the cochlea, they cause the fluid to move.

{As {the vibrations from the bones in the middle ear enter the cochlea|the cochlea is entered by the vibrations from the bones in the middle ear}, they cause the fluid to move|They cause the fluid to move, as {the vibrations from the bones in the middle ear enter the cochlea|the cochlea is entered by the vibrations from the bones in the middle ear}}.

As you can see it can recognise and swap the the subject,verb and object of sentences – no other piece of software can do this even those which take n-grams and ‘parts of speech’ into account.

WordAi Features: Word Spinning & Homonyms

Homowhat? Homonyms are words spelt the same but with different meanings – the bane of many a content spinner, not for WordAi however. It recognises the context of a word by the words surrounding it.


The word “suspect” has 3 different meanings:

  1. The suspect was found not guilty.
  2. He looked rather suspect to me.
  3. I suspect it was him.
  1. The {suspect|defendant} was found not guilty.
  2. He {looked|appeared|seemed} {rather|somewhat} {suspect|funny|questionable|suspicious} to me.
  3. I {suspect|guess|imagine|suppose} it was him.

As you can see it understands the meaning of each use of the word suspect and uses appropriate synonyms – the vast majority of spinners can not do this.

Is It Worth $19.95/$49.95 per month?

In my opinion it is worth every penny and I am talking about the $49.95 Turing spinner here. Why? Because it saves so much time. I don’t have to worry about writing fresh, original content for my first tier of backlinks any more – WordAi does 90% of that for me. Some of the produced content has been so good I’ve used it on my main sites. Occasionally the spintax needs a little extra work – but this only takes a couple of  minutes (for this I use ChimpRewriter but you can edit it in WordAi too.

Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

3 Day Free Trial

You don’t have to take my word for it because you can try it out for yourself for free. You get 3 days messing around with it before you have to start paying the subscription. If you are not sure it is worth it by then simply cancel and you wont pay a penny.