More Examples of WordAi at Work

By | April 26, 2013

I could talk-up this auto spinning/content rewriting tool all day long but the proof is in the pudding they say. So here  and in some follow-up posts I will post some examples of WordAi Turing spinning and rewriting full articles at different quality settings (as much as I can get on my 19″ screen anyway). So as not to fill this page up with unrelated content I will use screen-caps of the original and spun content – just click on the images to see them at a readable full size. Now lets begin…

Spinning Quality Set To: Very Readable

wordai-example-1-unspunI scraped a couple of paragraphs from a very popular article site on the subject of dog training, pasted it into the Turing Spinner box and selected the “Very Readable (Not Very Unique)” setting. This first image is the original unspun content (click on the images to see them at full size):

wordai-example-1-spunHere is the resulting spintax and unique rewrite produced by WordAi:

Notice that there is quite a bit of sentence spinning going on but not much word spinning: when you use the “Very Readable” setting WordAi will only use word synonyms which it knows will make perfect sense.


Spinning Quality Set To: Regular

wordai-example-1-spun-regularSame content but using the “Regular” quality setting:

With this setting you do sacrifice quality for the added uniqueness and as you can see some of the synonyms are a bit iffy. It is, however, still perfectly readable and the quality is still much better than auto spinning on any other piece of software that I have used including “The Best Spinner”, Spinnerchief and Chimp Rewriter/Spinchimp.

At the top of the page it says: “WordAi Uniqueness of 69%”. WordAi uses a similar way of calculating uniqueness to Google and Copyscape. Anything over 60%   is considered very unique and should avoid any risk of duplicate content issues. The short of it is that you could post this content a number of times and it literally took seconds to produce.

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I hope to post more examples in the next week or so.