Chimp Rewriter Review

By | June 28, 2013

chimprewriter supercharged article rewritingTo promote and rank a website effectively in 2013 you need to generate lots of high quality content for your own site as well as for back linking sites. Producing this content is probably the most challenging aspect of SEO for most internet marketers.

Copying other peoples content (and adding your own links) no longer works now the search engines check for duplicate content. Currently the best method for producing lots of unique high quality content is through ‘spinning’.

SpinChimp & Chimp Rewriter

Back in 2010 Aktura Technology released a powerful piece of article spinning/rewriting software called SpinChimp. Technically it was far superior to any spinner on the market, including the then very popular ‘The Best Spinner’ (TBS). It even offered a no-trial, free version (which in itself was better than TBS) which enabled cash strapped internet marketers to get the hands on a powerful content creation tool.

At the start off 2013 Aktura Technology released a new version of their software, they rebuilt SpinChimp from the ground up and at the same time changed the name to Chimp Rewriter. Just as with SpinChimp, you can download and use ‘basic’ version of the software for free, it has  no restriction and no time limit – you just wont have access to some of the more advanced features.

My Experiences With Chimp Rewriter

I have been spinning articles from the dawn of err… article spinning (remember JetSpinner anyone). I used ‘The Best Spinner’ for a while and SpinnerChief too until I came across SpinChimp. I tried the free version and was so impressed I bought SpinChimp Pro a week later to get the extra features cancelling my TBS subscription in the process. For a lifetime subscription I paid a little more that what I would have paid to use TBS for 12 months – $99. This was one of the best investments I have made in internet marketing and it is one of only a few programs which I use almost every working day.

As I already owned SpinChimp Pro I received a free upgrade to Chimp Rewriter. Just like SpinChimp back in 2010, Chimp Rewriter in 2013 has revolutionised the standard for article spinners/rewriters. Just as the competition was starting to catch up, they have been left in the dust again.

Reasons To Try Chimp Rewriter

How much better is Chimp Rewriter compared to it’s rivals? Here are just a few of the reasons to try this software:

  • A fast, responsive and easy user interface
  • A plethora of useful features not found in most other spinning software. There are literally far to many to list here but here are a few of ones I use all the time:
    • Parts Of Speech engine – it can determine which words in an article are nouns, verbs or adjectives etc
    • A built-in article scrapper – enabling you to scrape articles for a number of different sources.
    • An integrated image and video scraper – automatically adding media from the web to your documents.
    • A grammar and spell checker
    • Spin Reorder: this will produce a spin which can reorder the sentences in paragraphs or/and reorder the paragraphs in the article – a great way to add uniqueness while preserving readability at the touch of a button.
    • Learn From Spin: it can learn synonyms for spun documents and store them in a thesaurus – useful for creating custom, keyword specific dictionaries.
    • Tip Creator: collect or write a few paragraphs (tips) and this tool will grate a spin which randomly choose just a few of them and place them in a random order. This is a great way of easily producing spun documents which can be submitted  hundreds if not thousands of times.
    • Copyscape integration. You can check for duplicates of your article on the web. Any duplicate sections will be highlighted and you can edit accordingly.
    • Integrated WordPress submission. Just add your login details for as many blogs as you like it it will spin a publish your article at random intervals if you wish.
    • Export in many different spin formats including flat spin (1 level deep).
    • Other useful features include: spin together, snippets, tags, bulk rewrite, n-spin, word-run highlighting, signatures, api access, auto rewriting WordPress plugin.
  • I can handle very large spun files. Spins which contain tens of thousands of words or when saved as a text document can be several MB’s in size. On of my biggest problems with ‘The Best Spinner’ is how it would often crash if it got anywhere near a few thousand words.
  • A developer which openly asks what features they would like added to the software. Many of the new features in Chimp Rewriter were requested by users of SpinChimp.
  • Large, high quality thesaurus (over 2 million word and phrase synonyms and counting) which is updated every few days.

Download & Use Chimp Rewriter For Free

Chimp Rewriter Basic (free)

Many of the advanced features like the image and video scraping and WordPress submitter are unavailable in the free basic version but it is a very useful piece of software in itself. Using the free version you will certainly get an idea what the pro version is like and getting hands-on with a piece of software and trying it out for yourself is always better than reading someone else’s review.

New To Spinning/Rewriting?

If you have never used this type of software before I would recommend you try this free version – you simply download and install it. It will ask for an email and you can use it forever as a very capable spinner without spending a cent.

Do You Use Other Spinning Software?

The vast majority of internet marketers which moved to SpinChimp/Chimp Rewriter from inferior products have never looked back. Try the free version and see how it compares to your current spinner or just get the Pro version – which has a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

Get Chimp Rewriter Pro (30% discount)

This post is now getting on for 1000 words and I feel I have only scratched the surface as to what this software is capable of – the feature list is huge.