A Note On SEO Automation & Penguin

By | August 10, 2012

Since the Google updates Panda and more specifically Penguin there has been a lot of speculation about the usefulness of automation tools such as Ultimate Demon, SENuke, Xrumer and others. A lot of self-proclaimed SEO experts and black hatters are of the opinion that these tools have had their day and can no longer be used in a successful SEO campaign.

It has been nearly 4 months since Google launched its web spam update Penguin. And I have been successfully ranking websites for competitive keywords using just one or two of these automation tools alone. Just like any tool you can use them correctly or incorrectly. Before Penguin a lot of people had got into some very bad habits when using these tools and employed methods which were easily detected by Google as signs of self promotion. Then on 24th April Penguin flagged their sites as “web spam” and they disappeared from the serps. They would

  • Use poorly Spun content produced by software “at the click of a button” – easily detected by Google
  • Over optimized their anchor text – having the same keyword linking to their money site over and over again – very easily detected by Google
  • Use auto approved lists shared on popular black hat forums – all these allow you to do is put your link on page containing thousands of other links pointing to some very dodgy websites – easily detected by Google
  • Burst link – submitting thousands of articles or forum profiles within a few hours and then building no links for weeks and then blast again – easily detected by Google
  • Build links from just one type of platform – blog commenting for example or just from WIKI sites – easily detected by Google

All of these methods produce a massive footprint which can be easily by detected by Google. Black Hat SEOers exercised these methods with their automation tool and on April 24 there websites vanished from the serps. They have tried to recover or rank new sites by using the same methods and tools (because they didn’t know how do it any other way) and surprise, surprise they don’t rank. So just like a bad workman they blame their tools.

Use these tools correctly however and you will find that they are as good if not more effective since Penguin than before it. Follow these simple rules:

  • Write fresh or manually spun content for you tier 1 links – no auto spinning!
  • Diversify your anchor texts (text which links to your site). Don’t use your main keyword for more than 10% of anchor. The rest can be keyword phrase matches, generic terms like “click here” and variations on your url.
  • Diversify your link building platforms. You want links from all type of web sites: Web2.0s, articles sites, press release sites, wiki, blog comments, directories, video sites, social bookmarks, forum profile and anything else you can think of – the more the merrier.
  • Don’t use AA lists for your tier 1…. just don’t.
  • On new sites back link slowly at first and gradually increase you link velocity – just make it look natural.
  • Share the back link with other pages on your site – not just your root domain.

All of the good automation tools link Ultimate Demon and SENuke allow you to implement these methods rules easily. Use them correctly and you will be ranking just as well as pre Penguin. Use them to build over optimized back links in unreadable content all pointing to the same page on you web site and you will rank nowhere.