GSA Search Engine Ranker Overview

By | November 26, 2012

Here is GSA’s own introduction to it’s Search Engine Ranker Software:

Wasting time and money building thousands of worthless backlinks and getting wimpy results? Missing that flood of traffic you thought you were going to get? Don’t you wish link building was easier with more effective results? Well now it can be. Introducing GSA Search Engine Ranker, a brand new powerful 100% fully automated backlink building software.

Hey, this is so easy your dog could do it…

okay, well maybe not your dog but its damn easy. With very little setup this software tirelessly scans the internet dropping your links at all hot spots to knock your site to the top of the search engine rankings.

You think Noah had flood, you better have some dry shorts because you’re about to be inundated with more traffic than thought possible. Forget about all the geeky jargon: page rank, search engine indexing and automatic proxies. You don’t need to know that stuff. Sure, you can tweak things if you want, but for unadulterated power right out-of-the-box this software packs more ranking and traffic flooding power than your Uncle Jimmy’s fire hose.

Soon your site will be right on top of the search engine rankings and you will be flooded with visitors from every imaginable corner of the Internet. Your wallet will be ringing wet with the new cash from all the sales you have been hungry for. Sound good?

One off payment

You may expect to pay a hefty monthly fee for something this powerful but with GSA Search Engine Ranker you only make one simple payment – that’s it! And hold onto your wallet – you receive free lifetime upgrades.

Five times the back linking power of competing software

Sure, there’s other software out there, but this one packs more than five times the back linking power and consistently build thousands of links from all over the globe on complete autopilot. While most of our competitors software can only build links to blog comments, track backs and guestbooks; GSA Search Engine Ranker has the power to blast the Internet with links to:

  • blogs
  • trackbacks
  • guestbooks
  • forums
  • directories
  • wiki sites
  • image sites
  • article directories
  • social bookmarks

…and many new platforms are added all the time.

So if you want your Internet marketing efforts to be “raining cats and dogs” and bringing in more profit than you’ve dreamed of, you owe it to yourself to get the best tool for the job. Get GSA Search Engine Ranker today and take command of your SEO success