Kontent Machine 3 Quick Review + Examples

By | November 4, 2013
For those who are unfamiliar with Kontent Machine click here
Kontent Machine has been the best automated content scraper available for some time – some might dispute this statement but most who have used it and other would not. It works something like this:

  1. I will take your keyword(s) and scrapes articles, titles, tags, images, videos, bookmarks, even about me bios from an unmatched number of sources on the web.
  2. It then spins all this content together in an intelligent way.
  3. It then outputs unique, readable content which can be submitted many times over (you can format the output to suit all major link building tools including SEnuke, GSA and Ultimate Demon)

The content is not perfect when compared to a well research and written article but takes literally zero effort (all you need to to do is think up 1-3 keywords and the software does the rest. This content is great (and penguin 2 safe) for link building.

I have been using Kontent Machine 2 in conjunction with the WordAi Turing Spinner (the two services interface seamlessly) for some time and find it very effective and a huge time saver for building tier 2+ links. This week saw the much anticipated launch of its latest incarnation: Kontent Machine 3. Is it more readable? Can it now be used for tier 1 link building?

km3What’s new in Kontent Machine 3?

This new version now offers a new clean interface but more importantly more control over the quality of the content produced and more control on co-citation and how you can include you own content for syndication.

I will save the write up of its killer features for another post, for now lets just look at some examples of the content Kontent Machine 3 produces:

What sort of content can you expect for zero effort?

Settings used

Kontent Machine 3 now enables you to select whether you would like it to create tier 2 content or content it believes is suitable for tier 1 (linking directly to you money site). For the following examples I used their tier 1 setting and the WordAi Turing spinner.

The 3 keywords I have used are: makeup tips, makeup, beauty tips. Thinking of these related keywords is the sum whole of my creative input (even just one keyword will suffice but 3 is better). I also chose to randomly add videos and images. About an hour later (this is due the using WordAi Turing as the spinner – using any others would bring the time down to around 15 minutes) I had my super spun content.

Kontent Machine 3 Examples

kontent machine 3 makep-tips_outputThe raw output

It may not look like much but in this screen-grab you can only see the tip of the iceberg. The “body” when saved as a text file exceeds 200 KBs. Click images to see them at full size


Article previews

Here are 4 preview spins generated to give you an idea of the quality – these have not been cherry-picked, they were literally the first 4 previews. Note all of them passed Copyscape – no duplicates.



In my opinion these articles, while not perfect, are pretty good considering all I did was think of three keywords. I have had much worse writing from services such as iWriter at $3.

Bookmark previews

KM3 does far more than just generate unique articles. It also creates content for wikis, press release sites, rss feed, web2.0 properties, directories and bookmarking; and here are a couple of examples of the latter: