Kontent Machine 3: Content Quality Settings

By | November 6, 2013

Apart from selecting the option to customise your content quality settings manually one of Kontent Machine 3’s new features is the ability to select from three different pre-set quality settings: Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3+. How the developers of KM think you should use the content generated with these setting should be obvious:

  • The Tier 1 setting producing more readable but less unique content intended for linking to you main website.
  • The Tier 2 setting will generate less readable content than tier 1 but more unique so can be posted many more times. This makes it more suited for generating content linking to your tier 1 sites and properties.
  • The Tier 3+ setting is the least readable but generates spins so large that it can be posted hundred of time without fear of duplicate content issues.

kontent machine 3 content quality setting

Note that you do not have to use the Tier 1 generated content for your first tier or Tier 2 for your second tier etc. Depending on the type of website you have you may wish to build your fist tier by hand and have the Tier 1 content link to that and so on.

What you may find interesting is how Kontent Machine 3 goes about generating and assessing the content for each setting:

Content Quality: Tier 1

As stated above this content is intended for posting to lower-level tiers. Because Kontent Machine checks and re-checks the content quality several times it takes longer to finalised a campaign.

  • Only high quality content sources will be used when building the campaign.
  • Kontent Machine 3 checks the quality of the downloaded content and unless it is judged to have a KM Quality Score of “excellent” it is not included.
  • Any downloaded content which is less that “excellent” will be corrected and re-evaluated. If it still fails the KM Quality Score check it will not be used.
  • When word and phrase spinning, the highest quality setting will be used for the selected API (for example if you use the WordAi API the spinning quality will be set to “Very Readable”)
  • Paragraph spinning (KM generates articles so paragraphs appear in different positions within the article) will be limited to improve the flow of the articles.

Using these setting means that Kontent Machine will produce very readable content but the downside is that the number of variations (and so the number of times you can post it) is lower than a campaign which would result for using the Tier 2 or Tier 3+ settings.


Content Quality: Tier 2

With this setting the quality control is relaxed a little resulting in more variation but lower readability.

  • Kontent Machine crawls all content sources apart for those which are know to be of a “low quality”
  • The KM Quality Score of the downloaded content is checked and anything less than “Good” is not used. Unlike the Tier 1 setting there is no attempt at improving the quality of content which does not pass this check.
  • Paragraph spinning is applied (more loosely than in Tier 1) .
  • A medium setting will be used for word and phrase spinning (more variation/low quality).

Content Quality: Tier 3+

There is very little quality checking going on here and all setting are geared to producing as much variation as possible so you can submit it hundreds of times over. Uniqueness increases but as always at the cost of readability.

  • All content sources are crawled
  • The allowable KM Quality Score of the content will be set to “Questionable” and lower.
  • The content will be sentence spun (sentences moved around within the article – this produces more variation compared to paragraph spinning but readability or articles suffer)
  • Kontent Machine will use whatever setting to produce the most variation regarding the word and phrase spinning API.


Note that the quality of the resulting content is heavily dependent on the word/phrase spinner you use.