An idea for an seo software tool

By | October 24, 2012

I’m taking a semester off from school because I really see the huge potential in Internet marketing. And although ppc’ing all day is good and all.. I wanna try my hand at creating an actual product. And I enjoy programming so I figured why not create a software program in the 9 months that I have off that would make all our lives easier (plus hopefully make me a bit of money lol). Now I figured I’d just ask you guys which software tool would make your life easier? I’m NOT planning on making it crazy expensive like SpeedPPC. I wanna keep it affordable. So throw me your ideas. Oh and if I use your idea, you get the tool for free :). Here’s some tidbits to get your creative juices flowing:

1. A precision campaign manager like SpeedPPC?
2. A keyword research tool?
3. A SEO competition analyzer tool?
4. A tool to build up easy backlinks (I’d have to give this one a bit more thought..)?
5. Anything else that’s too expensive in the market but you’d love to get your hands…?
6. Anything else that’s not even out there in the market?

I know there’s a lot of products out there aimed specifically at us but most of these are either too expensive or there’s something lacking in them.

8 thoughts on “An idea for an seo software tool

  1. dan56

    A keyword tool that incorporates worldwide results…….right now, keyword tools focus on US searches….personally I can get around this…

    but newbies may find this disheartening…

    if you use a keyword tool and look for Carp fishing tips….it shows NO searches…I know this to be untrue…as the searches in the UK for this particular keyword are quite a big number…my blog tells me so!!

    Again for “moving to Cyprus”….keyword tool shows no results..but in the Uk more than a million people a year want to move abroad…and Cyprus is in the top ten destinations..

    Good l’il brainstorm you got here.I hope plenty jump in with their ideas….be sure to let me know if I can assist you in anyway

    Create Your Success

  2. peter

    What about a tool that puts closed captioned text on videos? Either within the video somehow…or directly underneath, similar to televisions? I am hearing impaired, and cannot use videos to that affect. I can watch some of them, and sort of figure out what is going on, but if the audio is crucial to the lesson or whatnot, I miss the gist…

  3. Jamie

    Dan, Thanks for the input man! That’s a slick idea but I think it’s already been done. For example if you search up “carp fishing tips” in wordtracker it says it gets searched for 33 times a day. “Moving to cyprus” doesn’t show any search results but maybe people don’t use that phrase when searching for this information? Regardless, even if this hadn’t already been done, the only way for me to collect this information would be to create my own search engine and somehow try to get people to search using it (or I could buy search engine data but I don’t think I could afford that). It would be a pretty long process as you can imagine. I’m looking for something that I can get done within the next few months. If you have any other slick ideas let’s hear them!


    That’s really unfortunate that you miss out on these videos because of your disability. Just to let you know though, there are a handful of tools out there that let people embed “subtitles” or “closed-caption” onto the video. The problem is though that the text spoken during the video needs to be transcribed first and not many people care to do so. It would be nice if there was an automatic transcriptionist transcribing every video that comes out like it happens on TV but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon lol. Any other ideas?

  4. NTS

    These are just ideas…
    Can you create a keyword tool like Adword Analyzer was in the past?
    When you could Google Searches and Competition together?

  5. crazyw

    I’ll give you a hint: The money is NOT in the keywords…..

  6. NTS

    Can we have another hint please? 😯
    I just love that face..

    Anyway Okay:
    Like the famous concept-
    -Find a hungry crowd
    -Find out what they want
    -Give it to them
    Sound familiar?

    Well, do I not need the correct keywords and phrases?
    Because I am so curious to learn please tell me.

  7. crazyw

    I know….it sucks doesnt’t it ?

    But I am speaking the truth, and ask everyone how blunt I am when I do this.
    So I’ll repeat (yet again)


    then, you need to move on, and see
    – if there are merchants who sell something relevant DIRECTLY (or through an affiliate program)
    – If there are other affiliates promoting something relevant as well
    – if people do actually buy it (limited or no refunds)

    and THEN you start the real internet marketing machine to build your own strategy for that niche
    in order to SELL TOO!
    a major mistake that rookies do? Too much research, too little “hardcore work”

    anyway, my 2 cents for new product creation
    (this will make a ton of money to the one who creates it, I cant believe I’m telling this):

    a software that ………… (drumroll)

    AUTOMATES bum marketing

    I have the idea sitting around for a year now, but too lazy to deal with it

    think about it.
    whats the WORSE thing about bum marketing for newbies?
    It takes time and its manual
    need I say more?

  8. trav

    I wish I had software development knowledge…

    I would be all over this suggestion.

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