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Article Rewriter WordAi Overview

wordaiHigh quality unique content is important for anybody who wants to make money online. Content is generally expensive and time consuming to write and spinners usually return low quality junk or take hours and hours of labour. however there is now an alternative – introducing WordAi.

WordAi understands and rewrites entire sentences

It’s content Spiller that understands text so well that it can completely rewrite articles so that they are not only unique but also look like they were written by human being. How is WordAi able to do this? WordAi is the first and only spinner that understands content in a same way that human does. For example putting the following sentence into the WordAi Turing spinner:

I will thank him if he gives me food.

Produces the following spintax:

{{{I will|I'll|I am going to|I shall} thank him|He will be thanked by me} if he {gives|offers} {me food|food to me}|If he {gives|offers} {me food|food to me} {{I will|I'll|I am going to|I shall} thank him|He will be thanked by me}}.

And the following unique re-write:

If he offers food to me He will be thanked by me.

The WordAi just didn’t replace synonyms, it actually read the article, it understood it and rewrote it into something completely different. It understood that ‘I’ the narrator was a person that was thanking a male person ‘him’ and that ‘I’ am only thanking him if he performs the action of ‘giving me food’.

WordAi just doesn’t view the sentence as nine words that all might have synonyms. It understands exactly what all those nine words mean and how those nine words interact with each other. That allows WordAi to not only just provide synonyms that makes sense but also automatically completely rewrite your article for you. But we’re only getting started.

If we put the following sentences into WordAi and click the ‘spin now’ button.

  1. I bought milk, eggs, and apples today.
  2. Last night I slept well, and felt great the next day.

A couple of seconds later WordAi produces the following spintax:

  1. {I bought {{milk, eggs, and apples|apples, eggs, and milk}|eggs, milk, and apples} today|Today I bought {{milk, eggs, and apples|apples, eggs, and milk}|eggs, milk, and apples}}.
  2. {Last night|Yesterday} I {slept|rested} well, and felt {great|fantastic} {the next day|the following day}.

And the following unique re-write:

  1. Today I bought eggs, milk, and apples.
  2. Yesterday I slept well, and felt fantastic the following day.

For the first sentence WordAi moves the word ‘today’ from the end to the start of the sentence which makes perfect sense. WordAi also recognised that ‘milk’, ‘eggs’ and ‘apples’ were all a list of things I was buying and so changed around the order of those words automatically. However in the second sentence although there is an ‘and’ it doesn’t make any sense to switch around the order of those words as ‘feeling great’ happened after ‘I slept well’. Switching those would mess up the flow of the sentence and WordAi knows this and leaves the sentence alone.

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Intelligent word spinning

Of course the WordAi can do synonyms spinning as well. Compared to rewriting entire sentences giving the correct synonym is easy.

Here are three examples sentences and as you can see the word ‘suspect’ means something completely different in each of them.

  1. The suspect was found guilty.
  2. He looked rather suspect to me.
  3. I suspect he did it.

In the first sentence suspect means somebody who’s been accused of a crime. In the second sentence it means suspicious and in the third sentence to think it is the case. If the spin now button and WordAi spins all three of those words using only synonyms which make complete sense for each of those three different definitions.

Here’s the spyntax:

  1. The {suspect|defendant} was found guilty.
  2. He {looked|appeared|seemed} {rather|somewhat} {suspect|funny|questionable|suspicious} to me.
  3. I {suspect|guess|imagine|suppose} he did it.

And the unique re-write:

  1. The defendant was found guilty.
  2. He appeared rather questionable to me.
  3. I suppose he did it.

All three use different definitions of the word ‘suspect’ and all three make perfect sense. But knowing the right definition for a word is not enough. For instance in the following two sentences they both have the same definition of the word ‘sense’. In both cases it means the way the external world is perceived. However despite those words having the same meaning the one case it makes sense to have a synonym any other it doesn’t.

  1. My sense of time was a bit off.
  2. I have realised that people sometimes make no sense.

Here is the produced spyntax:

  1. My {sense|perception|awareness} of time was a {bit|little} off.
  2. I have realised that {people|individuals} sometimes make no sense.

Other spinners may understand the meaning of the word but WordAi’s intelligence goes far beyond that. Like a human it understands that ‘make no perception’ makes no sense so it doesn’t spin that word however ‘My perception of time’ makes complete sense so the word is spun.

Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

WordAi goes far beyond the meaning of the word, it actually understands the context surrounding each word giving you a higher quality and more readable spin. Add this to it’s unique sentence spinning ability and you have a article rewriter/spinner which is years ahead of every other auto content generator available.

An Overview Ultimate Demon

ultimate demon

Here is Edwinsoft’s own introduction to its link building software:

Whether you have a service or product to sell, a business to promote or you just want to gain exposure you will need traffic to your website. Link building is one of the most effective ways to gain traffic. Link building helps rank your website higher in the search engines and boost your business visibility. You will gain more credibility and make more sales.

Create Back Links

However getting back links manually is a tedious, difficult and extremely time-consuming process. Thankfully are many pieces of software on the market to make your life easier. The problem is that most of these pieces of software are too difficult to use. Most of them require you to enter your account details, press the account creation button, press the download e-mails button, press the verify e-mail accounts button, filling your content and press submit.

There are just too many steps that you have to go through and it requires a lot of manual intervention. With this in mind we applied the less is more philosophy, pushing it to the limit and created a software with the new work-flow which has never been seen before. We present to you the Ultimate Demon.

Zero Human Intervention

In this incredible new software we remove the need for human intervention in the submission process. All you have to do is set up your visual aid accounts for free Just solving. Create a task, fill in the required information and Ultimate Demon will do all the grunt work for you. You no longer have to wait for your whole account creation process to finish before you’re able to verify your e-mails. You no longer have to wait for all your e-mails to be verified before you can submit your content. All these steps that require human intervention have been removed from the software. Instead Ultimate Demon has linked all the processes to give you a seamless experience.

With visual a configured there is absolutely zero human intervention required in the submission process. This is one of the biggest innovations in Link building software that has ever been created. There is simply no other software in the market the performance tasks with the same level of simplicity and automation as Ultimate Demon.

Super Easy To Use

With its super friendly user interface you don’t have to be in SEO expert or computer geek to know how to use Ultimate Demon. you can now free up your time and move on to more important aspects of your business. Get your own copy of Ultimate Demon and push your business to the next level today.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Overview

Here is GSA’s own introduction to it’s Search Engine Ranker Software:

Wasting time and money building thousands of worthless backlinks and getting wimpy results? Missing that flood of traffic you thought you were going to get? Don’t you wish link building was easier with more effective results? Well now it can be. Introducing GSA Search Engine Ranker, a brand new powerful 100% fully automated backlink building software.

Hey, this is so easy your dog could do it…

okay, well maybe not your dog but its damn easy. With very little setup this software tirelessly scans the internet dropping your links at all hot spots to knock your site to the top of the search engine rankings.

You think Noah had flood, you better have some dry shorts because you’re about to be inundated with more traffic than thought possible. Forget about all the geeky jargon: page rank, search engine indexing and automatic proxies. You don’t need to know that stuff. Sure, you can tweak things if you want, but for unadulterated power right out-of-the-box this software packs more ranking and traffic flooding power than your Uncle Jimmy’s fire hose.

Soon your site will be right on top of the search engine rankings and you will be flooded with visitors from every imaginable corner of the Internet. Your wallet will be ringing wet with the new cash from all the sales you have been hungry for. Sound good?

One off payment

You may expect to pay a hefty monthly fee for something this powerful but with GSA Search Engine Ranker you only make one simple payment – that’s it! And hold onto your wallet – you receive free lifetime upgrades.

Five times the back linking power of competing software

Sure, there’s other software out there, but this one packs more than five times the back linking power and consistently build thousands of links from all over the globe on complete autopilot. While most of our competitors software can only build links to blog comments, track backs and guestbooks; GSA Search Engine Ranker has the power to blast the Internet with links to:

  • blogs
  • trackbacks
  • guestbooks
  • forums
  • directories
  • wiki sites
  • image sites
  • article directories
  • social bookmarks

…and many new platforms are added all the time.

So if you want your Internet marketing efforts to be “raining cats and dogs” and bringing in more profit than you’ve dreamed of, you owe it to yourself to get the best tool for the job. Get GSA Search Engine Ranker today and take command of your SEO success

An idea for an seo software tool

I’m taking a semester off from school because I really see the huge potential in Internet marketing. And although ppc’ing all day is good and all.. I wanna try my hand at creating an actual product. And I enjoy programming so I figured why not create a software program in the 9 months that I have off that would make all our lives easier (plus hopefully make me a bit of money lol). Now I figured I’d just ask you guys which software tool would make your life easier? I’m NOT planning on making it crazy expensive like SpeedPPC. I wanna keep it affordable. So throw me your ideas. Oh and if I use your idea, you get the tool for free :). Here’s some tidbits to get your creative juices flowing:

1. A precision campaign manager like SpeedPPC?
2. A keyword research tool?
3. A SEO competition analyzer tool?
4. A tool to build up easy backlinks (I’d have to give this one a bit more thought..)?
5. Anything else that’s too expensive in the market but you’d love to get your hands…?
6. Anything else that’s not even out there in the market?

I know there’s a lot of products out there aimed specifically at us but most of these are either too expensive or there’s something lacking in them.

A Note On SEO Automation & Penguin

Since the Google updates Panda and more specifically Penguin there has been a lot of speculation about the usefulness of automation tools such as Ultimate Demon, SENuke, Xrumer and others. A lot of self-proclaimed SEO experts and black hatters are of the opinion that these tools have had their day and can no longer be used in a successful SEO campaign.

It has been nearly 4 months since Google launched its web spam update Penguin. And I have been successfully ranking websites for competitive keywords using just one or two of these automation tools alone. Just like any tool you can use them correctly or incorrectly. Before Penguin a lot of people had got into some very bad habits when using these tools and employed methods which were easily detected by Google as signs of self promotion. Then on 24th April Penguin flagged their sites as “web spam” and they disappeared from the serps. They would

  • Use poorly Spun content produced by software “at the click of a button” – easily detected by Google
  • Over optimized their anchor text – having the same keyword linking to their money site over and over again – very easily detected by Google
  • Use auto approved lists shared on popular black hat forums – all these allow you to do is put your link on page containing thousands of other links pointing to some very dodgy websites – easily detected by Google
  • Burst link – submitting thousands of articles or forum profiles within a few hours and then building no links for weeks and then blast again – easily detected by Google
  • Build links from just one type of platform – blog commenting for example or just from WIKI sites – easily detected by Google

All of these methods produce a massive footprint which can be easily by detected by Google. Black Hat SEOers exercised these methods with their automation tool and on April 24 there websites vanished from the serps. They have tried to recover or rank new sites by using the same methods and tools (because they didn’t know how do it any other way) and surprise, surprise they don’t rank. So just like a bad workman they blame their tools.

Use these tools correctly however and you will find that they are as good if not more effective since Penguin than before it. Follow these simple rules:

  • Write fresh or manually spun content for you tier 1 links – no auto spinning!
  • Diversify your anchor texts (text which links to your site). Don’t use your main keyword for more than 10% of anchor. The rest can be keyword phrase matches, generic terms like “click here” and variations on your url.
  • Diversify your link building platforms. You want links from all type of web sites: Web2.0s, articles sites, press release sites, wiki, blog comments, directories, video sites, social bookmarks, forum profile and anything else you can think of – the more the merrier.
  • Don’t use AA lists for your tier 1…. just don’t.
  • On new sites back link slowly at first and gradually increase you link velocity – just make it look natural.
  • Share the back link with other pages on your site – not just your root domain.

All of the good automation tools link Ultimate Demon and SENuke allow you to implement these methods rules easily. Use them correctly and you will be ranking just as well as pre Penguin. Use them to build over optimized back links in unreadable content all pointing to the same page on you web site and you will rank nowhere.


Affiliate link forwarding from own Domain

I am guessing this is easy to do. But thought since I don’t know and not sure where to look and cause of all the newbies on the block, that it would be useful to have this topic flow through.

Can someone be so kind as to explain how to do this.

I have scene links within someone else URL.

For example

Would actually ‘jump’ to the pitch page or merchant site (if you have written own pitch). How do you do this?


What we are all about

We’re going to be reviewing and comparing some tools which can help you promote your website or online presence. These will be pieces of software or online services that claim to help you rank your site on the major search engines, get more targeted traffic, reduce you workload regarding repetative tasks and track how you are ranking for your keywords.