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WordAi Version 3 Preview

wordai3I use WordAi on an almost daily basis. It’s not perfect but it is by far the best solution available for unique and readable content creation at the click of a button short of hiring a writer. The good news is it is about to get a whole lot better – we are told.

Version 3 is going to be launched on 15th May and I for one am very much looking forward to it.

A full review should follow in the next few days where I will be comparing how versions 2 and 3 spin the same article and analysing the new features.

Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

Some Of The New Version 3 Features

  • The ability for it to understand the meaning of an articles has increased enormously. They have called it “Dynamic Learning” and it means that it will be producing more nested rewrites, possibly on nearly every sentence. Version 2 currently only spins around 20-30% of sentences.
  • With this new ability to understand and learn what each article is about WordAi 3 will be able to create synonyms specifically for each article base on it’s content.
  • A new yearly plan for the Turing spinner (currently $50/ month) you will for a short time form launch be able to sign up for the yearly plan at $347/ year, a saving of 42% over the monthly fee.

All existing user will get this upgrade for free. If you think that being able to create vast amounts of readable unique content would be useful for your website they have a free 3 day trial. Try it out after 15th May, decide whether it’s you want to keep it then as they are intending to raise the price shortly after launch.

Stay tuned for a full review in the next few weeks to see whether this upgrade is as good as they say it will be.

Kontent Machine 3: Content Quality Settings

Apart from selecting the option to customise your content quality settings manually one of Kontent Machine 3’s new features is the ability to select from three different pre-set quality settings: Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3+. How the developers of KM think you should use the content generated with these setting should be obvious:

  • The Tier 1 setting producing more readable but less unique content intended for linking to you main website.
  • The Tier 2 setting will generate less readable content than tier 1 but more unique so can be posted many more times. This makes it more suited for generating content linking to your tier 1 sites and properties.
  • The Tier 3+ setting is the least readable but generates spins so large that it can be posted hundred of time without fear of duplicate content issues.

kontent machine 3 content quality setting

Note that you do not have to use the Tier 1 generated content for your first tier or Tier 2 for your second tier etc. Depending on the type of website you have you may wish to build your fist tier by hand and have the Tier 1 content link to that and so on.

What you may find interesting is how Kontent Machine 3 goes about generating and assessing the content for each setting:

Content Quality: Tier 1

As stated above this content is intended for posting to lower-level tiers. Because Kontent Machine checks and re-checks the content quality several times it takes longer to finalised a campaign.

  • Only high quality content sources will be used when building the campaign.
  • Kontent Machine 3 checks the quality of the downloaded content and unless it is judged to have a KM Quality Score of “excellent” it is not included.
  • Any downloaded content which is less that “excellent” will be corrected and re-evaluated. If it still fails the KM Quality Score check it will not be used.
  • When word and phrase spinning, the highest quality setting will be used for the selected API (for example if you use the WordAi API the spinning quality will be set to “Very Readable”)
  • Paragraph spinning (KM generates articles so paragraphs appear in different positions within the article) will be limited to improve the flow of the articles.

Using these setting means that Kontent Machine will produce very readable content but the downside is that the number of variations (and so the number of times you can post it) is lower than a campaign which would result for using the Tier 2 or Tier 3+ settings.


Content Quality: Tier 2

With this setting the quality control is relaxed a little resulting in more variation but lower readability.

  • Kontent Machine crawls all content sources apart for those which are know to be of a “low quality”
  • The KM Quality Score of the downloaded content is checked and anything less than “Good” is not used. Unlike the Tier 1 setting there is no attempt at improving the quality of content which does not pass this check.
  • Paragraph spinning is applied (more loosely than in Tier 1) .
  • A medium setting will be used for word and phrase spinning (more variation/low quality).

Content Quality: Tier 3+

There is very little quality checking going on here and all setting are geared to producing as much variation as possible so you can submit it hundreds of times over. Uniqueness increases but as always at the cost of readability.

  • All content sources are crawled
  • The allowable KM Quality Score of the content will be set to “Questionable” and lower.
  • The content will be sentence spun (sentences moved around within the article – this produces more variation compared to paragraph spinning but readability or articles suffer)
  • Kontent Machine will use whatever setting to produce the most variation regarding the word and phrase spinning API.


Note that the quality of the resulting content is heavily dependent on the word/phrase spinner you use.

Kontent Machine 3 Quick Review + Examples

For those who are unfamiliar with Kontent Machine click here
Kontent Machine has been the best automated content scraper available for some time – some might dispute this statement but most who have used it and other would not. It works something like this:

  1. I will take your keyword(s) and scrapes articles, titles, tags, images, videos, bookmarks, even about me bios from an unmatched number of sources on the web.
  2. It then spins all this content together in an intelligent way.
  3. It then outputs unique, readable content which can be submitted many times over (you can format the output to suit all major link building tools including SEnuke, GSA and Ultimate Demon)

The content is not perfect when compared to a well research and written article but takes literally zero effort (all you need to to do is think up 1-3 keywords and the software does the rest. This content is great (and penguin 2 safe) for link building.

I have been using Kontent Machine 2 in conjunction with the WordAi Turing Spinner (the two services interface seamlessly) for some time and find it very effective and a huge time saver for building tier 2+ links. This week saw the much anticipated launch of its latest incarnation: Kontent Machine 3. Is it more readable? Can it now be used for tier 1 link building?

km3What’s new in Kontent Machine 3?

This new version now offers a new clean interface but more importantly more control over the quality of the content produced and more control on co-citation and how you can include you own content for syndication.

I will save the write up of its killer features for another post, for now lets just look at some examples of the content Kontent Machine 3 produces:

What sort of content can you expect for zero effort?

Settings used

Kontent Machine 3 now enables you to select whether you would like it to create tier 2 content or content it believes is suitable for tier 1 (linking directly to you money site). For the following examples I used their tier 1 setting and the WordAi Turing spinner.

The 3 keywords I have used are: makeup tips, makeup, beauty tips. Thinking of these related keywords is the sum whole of my creative input (even just one keyword will suffice but 3 is better). I also chose to randomly add videos and images. About an hour later (this is due the using WordAi Turing as the spinner – using any others would bring the time down to around 15 minutes) I had my super spun content.

Kontent Machine 3 Examples

kontent machine 3 makep-tips_outputThe raw output

It may not look like much but in this screen-grab you can only see the tip of the iceberg. The “body” when saved as a text file exceeds 200 KBs. Click images to see them at full size


Article previews

Here are 4 preview spins generated to give you an idea of the quality – these have not been cherry-picked, they were literally the first 4 previews. Note all of them passed Copyscape – no duplicates.



In my opinion these articles, while not perfect, are pretty good considering all I did was think of three keywords. I have had much worse writing from services such as iWriter at $3.

Bookmark previews

KM3 does far more than just generate unique articles. It also creates content for wikis, press release sites, rss feed, web2.0 properties, directories and bookmarking; and here are a couple of examples of the latter:



How Page Rank Effects Your Search Ranking

Have you ever thought about how the sequence of pages that comes up as search engine results is determined? The solution lies in a different question: What Is “Page rank”?

Page Rank was created by Larry Page, now is maybe one of the most sophisticated algorithms ever developed. Page Rank is an unique prioritizing mechanism that assigns ‘positions’ to pages based on numerous different criteria . Just how it works on a fundamental level is really simple; every reference to a specific web page on the net is recognized as a ‘vote’ for that page. The larger the amount of votes for a page, the higher the Page Rank

Links to you website are considered extremely valuable as they are essentially votes. Whenever a fresh site appears, it generally takes several hours before the search engines find or ‘index’ the page or site and sometimes many more before they begin showing it in their search results. So people wanting to rank their websites will often use many different schemes to obtain links form other websites. In fact this is still the main purpose of the majority of seo tools – build lots of high PR links and search engines would wind up assigning high positions for the sites with the biggest amount of links pointing to them.

Page Rank is alone used by Google, but all other search engines which are now in existence on the net today use quite similar algorithms to supply useful search results. Now, it’s not merely the amount of links pointing to a webpage which determines its position. There are a significant variety of other variables which can be safely secured by the businesses that possess search engines.

SEO experts and Internet marketers generally speculate about the potential ways the search algorithms could function, by identifying patterns and trends within the search results and experimenting with various sets of keywords. Thus, just one link from page A, a page, to another page B is inclined to be equal in weight to a variety of links to the exact same page from several others.

Search engine algorithms are redesigned to filter out link farms, and also blow off sites which have made use of them, now. Internet marketing now is a much more ambitious; links to sites which must be promoted must be ‘organic’. Organic links are the links which are embedded within enlightening and significant content, resulting in a page by way of the natural reference. For example, a link pointing to a website including information about web design software from the website which sells Photoshop is considered natural.

Modern web advertising strategies comprise using social media sites including the blogo-sphere. With billions of blog entries on the net, all indexed by the search engines that should be coerced into working in favor of an unique site, linking to web pages from sites is the greatest means to encourage it. A content spinner like Chimp Rewriter will empower you to really create a substantial number of exceptional and entirely readable content to help you firstly create traffic from you published articles and raise your search engine position in google and bing.

There are a lots of tools available now to web marketers and Search Engine Optimization experts that enable them to estimate the popularity of the web page and its likely page position. Mutual link-exchanges between sites which have similar or complementary content, micro – blogging and a significant variety of other approaches are developed off late, in the world now tune with all the tide of technology which has inundated. The enormous quantity of info on the net is pushing search engines and also the algorithms that power them all to evolve quickly, which makes it more and more challenging a job to maintain web pages appearing high up in search results.

Creating a significant variety of high PR links is definitely possible using a tool including Chimp Rewriter.

Deep integration with social networking sites has made search results quite personalized, dampening the effects which SEO strategies and internet marketing could have. Page Rank is really a mechanism, and one can think of innumerable methods by which they could maybe work.

Chimp Rewriter Review

chimprewriter supercharged article rewritingTo promote and rank a website effectively in 2013 you need to generate lots of high quality content for your own site as well as for back linking sites. Producing this content is probably the most challenging aspect of SEO for most internet marketers.

Copying other peoples content (and adding your own links) no longer works now the search engines check for duplicate content. Currently the best method for producing lots of unique high quality content is through ‘spinning’.

SpinChimp & Chimp Rewriter

Back in 2010 Aktura Technology released a powerful piece of article spinning/rewriting software called SpinChimp. Technically it was far superior to any spinner on the market, including the then very popular ‘The Best Spinner’ (TBS). It even offered a no-trial, free version (which in itself was better than TBS) which enabled cash strapped internet marketers to get the hands on a powerful content creation tool.

At the start off 2013 Aktura Technology released a new version of their software, they rebuilt SpinChimp from the ground up and at the same time changed the name to Chimp Rewriter. Just as with SpinChimp, you can download and use ‘basic’ version of the software for free, it has  no restriction and no time limit – you just wont have access to some of the more advanced features.

My Experiences With Chimp Rewriter

I have been spinning articles from the dawn of err… article spinning (remember JetSpinner anyone). I used ‘The Best Spinner’ for a while and SpinnerChief too until I came across SpinChimp. I tried the free version and was so impressed I bought SpinChimp Pro a week later to get the extra features cancelling my TBS subscription in the process. For a lifetime subscription I paid a little more that what I would have paid to use TBS for 12 months – $99. This was one of the best investments I have made in internet marketing and it is one of only a few programs which I use almost every working day.

As I already owned SpinChimp Pro I received a free upgrade to Chimp Rewriter. Just like SpinChimp back in 2010, Chimp Rewriter in 2013 has revolutionised the standard for article spinners/rewriters. Just as the competition was starting to catch up, they have been left in the dust again.

Reasons To Try Chimp Rewriter

How much better is Chimp Rewriter compared to it’s rivals? Here are just a few of the reasons to try this software:

  • A fast, responsive and easy user interface
  • A plethora of useful features not found in most other spinning software. There are literally far to many to list here but here are a few of ones I use all the time:
    • Parts Of Speech engine – it can determine which words in an article are nouns, verbs or adjectives etc
    • A built-in article scrapper – enabling you to scrape articles for a number of different sources.
    • An integrated image and video scraper – automatically adding media from the web to your documents.
    • A grammar and spell checker
    • Spin Reorder: this will produce a spin which can reorder the sentences in paragraphs or/and reorder the paragraphs in the article – a great way to add uniqueness while preserving readability at the touch of a button.
    • Learn From Spin: it can learn synonyms for spun documents and store them in a thesaurus – useful for creating custom, keyword specific dictionaries.
    • Tip Creator: collect or write a few paragraphs (tips) and this tool will grate a spin which randomly choose just a few of them and place them in a random order. This is a great way of easily producing spun documents which can be submitted  hundreds if not thousands of times.
    • Copyscape integration. You can check for duplicates of your article on the web. Any duplicate sections will be highlighted and you can edit accordingly.
    • Integrated WordPress submission. Just add your login details for as many blogs as you like it it will spin a publish your article at random intervals if you wish.
    • Export in many different spin formats including flat spin (1 level deep).
    • Other useful features include: spin together, snippets, tags, bulk rewrite, n-spin, word-run highlighting, signatures, api access, auto rewriting WordPress plugin.
  • I can handle very large spun files. Spins which contain tens of thousands of words or when saved as a text document can be several MB’s in size. On of my biggest problems with ‘The Best Spinner’ is how it would often crash if it got anywhere near a few thousand words.
  • A developer which openly asks what features they would like added to the software. Many of the new features in Chimp Rewriter were requested by users of SpinChimp.
  • Large, high quality thesaurus (over 2 million word and phrase synonyms and counting) which is updated every few days.

Download & Use Chimp Rewriter For Free

Chimp Rewriter Basic (free)

Many of the advanced features like the image and video scraping and WordPress submitter are unavailable in the free basic version but it is a very useful piece of software in itself. Using the free version you will certainly get an idea what the pro version is like and getting hands-on with a piece of software and trying it out for yourself is always better than reading someone else’s review.

New To Spinning/Rewriting?

If you have never used this type of software before I would recommend you try this free version – you simply download and install it. It will ask for an email and you can use it forever as a very capable spinner without spending a cent.

Do You Use Other Spinning Software?

The vast majority of internet marketers which moved to SpinChimp/Chimp Rewriter from inferior products have never looked back. Try the free version and see how it compares to your current spinner or just get the Pro version – which has a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

Get Chimp Rewriter Pro (30% discount)

This post is now getting on for 1000 words and I feel I have only scratched the surface as to what this software is capable of – the feature list is huge.

WordAi Standard vs Turing Plan

I have been asked a few time to do a comparison of the WordAi Standard ($19.95 /month) and Turing ($49.95 /month) spinners as there is quite a large difference in price. I am guessing a lot of people would like to know whether the extra $30 per month is worth it. So I headed off to ezine articles and copied their most recent article (Tips for Healthy Living) and fed it through both spinners – the results are below in the form of screen-grabs – just click on the images to see them at a readable size.

A couple of things to note:

  1. I set WordAi to not edit or spin paragraphs and lists: These are new WordAi Version 2 features which edit out some sentences and re-order paragraphs and lists. They work exactly the same for both the Regular and Turing spinners. This comparison is more concerned with the quality of word, phrase and sentence spinning from both plans.
  2. Spinning quality: The Standard and Turing spinner work quite differently where this is concerned. Setting the Standard spinner to ‘Readable’ will produce a much more unique spin (but much less readable) than the Turing spinner using the  ‘Readable’ setting. So I adjusted the spinning quality settings to produce a similar uniqueness (around 60%).

The original article:

original article

Super unique spins:

A super unique spin is a rewrite using the best alternative synonyms, phrases and sentences.

WordAi 2 Standard plan

standard super unique spinIn my opinion this would require a bit of editing before posting on your website or any first tier site (sites directly linking to you website). Otherwise it reads OK. It’s still much better than any other brand of spinner (see below).

WordAi 2 Turing plan:

turing susThis reads much better in my opinion and requires no editing. Another interesting comparison it the time it to to produce the spins. about 5 seconds or the Standard spin above and about a minute for this Turing spin. There is obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes with this one.

ChimpRewiter spin:

chimprewriter spinJust to show you can see how much better either WordAi plan is in comparison to other spinners at auto-spinning, here is the same article spun using ChimpRewriter to a similar uniqueness. ChimpRewriter is on a par with other software spinners such as Spinnerchief and “The Best Spinner” (I have used all of them). It has a huge thesaurus and uses a “parts of speech” feature to select suitable synonyms but it’s auto spin – as you can see – is nowhere near as good as even WordAi’s Regular spinners. I use ChimpRewriter every day for many tasks (it has a ton of very useful features) but not one click  auto-spinning, for that I use the Turing spinner.

Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

The spintax

If you want to delve a little deeper here is the spintax for both the Standard and Turing spinner

Standard plan

standard plan spintax

Turing Plan

turing plan spintax

Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

I hope you have found these comparisons useful. I personally use the more expensive Turing plan as and extra $30 per month is nothing compared to how much you can earn using it. But if you are short of cash the Standard plan is a good option and will save you a lot of time. Don’t forget you can try either of these spinners out for 3 days without paying a penny.

WordAi Version 2 Preview

wordai-version2You may or may not have heard that there is going to be a major update to WordAi this Thursday (9th May). The update is free for all existing users and the pricing will remain the same but we have been told to expect WordAi Version 2 to be much better at producing readable and unique content.

The developers have apparently greatly improved the human readability algorithm so it is even better at determining whether a synonym doesn’t make sense or sound right.

improved the human readability algorithm

Whereas with the existing version of WordAi a few minutes of manual “touching up” was required after spinning to produce content which look like it was hand written and also unique enough to pass Copyscape and avoid any duplicate content issues with Google. With this new version we are told that no manual work will be required!

WordAi already enables me to produce content very quickly but a tools with the ability to produce unique content which looks hand written at the push of a button would be a very powerful tool indeed.

no manual work will be required!

Today, existing users – of which I am one – were given a “sneak peak” of what to expect from the update in the form of some “randomly” chosen articles which have been spun in the new version of WordAi. I’ve posted some below so you can see the quality of the resulting auto-spun content. Click on the images to see them at full size.

wordai random article 1word ai article 2wordai random article 3

Each article passes Copyscape and has had no manual editing – just one click auto-spins. In  my opinion these article read quite well – they are not perfect but I cannot find one synonym or sentence which does not make sense. To the untrained eye they look like had written articles – which is fantastic for one creating content at the click of a button.

Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

Once the new update is live on Thursday I will be conducting my own tests which I will post here so stay tuned.


More Examples of WordAi at Work

I could talk-up this auto spinning/content rewriting tool all day long but the proof is in the pudding they say. So here  and in some follow-up posts I will post some examples of WordAi Turing spinning and rewriting full articles at different quality settings (as much as I can get on my 19″ screen anyway). So as not to fill this page up with unrelated content I will use screen-caps of the original and spun content – just click on the images to see them at a readable full size. Now lets begin…

Spinning Quality Set To: Very Readable

wordai-example-1-unspunI scraped a couple of paragraphs from a very popular article site on the subject of dog training, pasted it into the Turing Spinner box and selected the “Very Readable (Not Very Unique)” setting. This first image is the original unspun content (click on the images to see them at full size):

wordai-example-1-spunHere is the resulting spintax and unique rewrite produced by WordAi:

Notice that there is quite a bit of sentence spinning going on but not much word spinning: when you use the “Very Readable” setting WordAi will only use word synonyms which it knows will make perfect sense.


Spinning Quality Set To: Regular

wordai-example-1-spun-regularSame content but using the “Regular” quality setting:

With this setting you do sacrifice quality for the added uniqueness and as you can see some of the synonyms are a bit iffy. It is, however, still perfectly readable and the quality is still much better than auto spinning on any other piece of software that I have used including “The Best Spinner”, Spinnerchief and Chimp Rewriter/Spinchimp.

At the top of the page it says: “WordAi Uniqueness of 69%”. WordAi uses a similar way of calculating uniqueness to Google and Copyscape. Anything over 60%   is considered very unique and should avoid any risk of duplicate content issues. The short of it is that you could post this content a number of times and it literally took seconds to produce.

Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

I hope to post more examples in the next week or so.

WordAi and Chimp Rewriter – The Perfect Partnership

Is having two spinners/content rewriters a bit overkill? No, because these two work in very different ways and they complement each other really well. Here I will tell you a couple of ways I use  WordAi and Chimp Rewriter to easily produce unique and readable content in minutes.


We start with the WordAi which is by far the best auto spinner/rewriter available, see my review of it here. To summarise: it has the unique ability to rewrite sentences by understanding their structure and understand the meaning and context of words by looking at the words surrounding them.

WordAi however is very limited when it comes to altering the spintax by hand, this is where Chimp Rewriter comes in. Spinning an already published article in Word AI and expecting it to be perfectly readable (in that you could not tell if it was written by hand or by WordAi) and unique is still one step too far currently. What I like to do is to use WordAi to sentence spin and spin words on a readable level then use Chimp Rewriter to add uniqueness by using some of it’s extensive set of useful tools to spin the structure of the article.

Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

chimp rewriterChimp Rewriter Pro

Formerly called SpinChimp the developers have recently upgraded the software to version 2, they have re-built it from the ground up and given it a new name: Chimp Rewriter. Version 1 was considered one of the best spinners on the market, with the new version they have added an incredible amount of new features which makes creating deeply nested spintax and unique content the breeze. If you need to quickly spin text by hand, create super-spun lists of tips (one of my favourite methods), spin list, sentences and paragraphs into different orders at the touch of a button you need Chimp Rewriter. It has a host of other features (literally too many to mention here) which cannot be found in other popular, more expensive spinners.

Get Chimp Rewriter Pro (30% discount)

There is a free version available too if you would like to try it but its does not include a lot of the features of “pro”. One thing Chimp Rewriter can’t do is sentence spinning on autopilot (it’s great for spinning sentences by hand but this takes time) but for that we use WordAi.

Creating Unique Tip Lists In Minutes

  1. Spend a few minutes scraping a many tips as you can regarding your keyword/niche from as many different websites as possible.
  2. Paste them all into a text file and format them so there is one tip paragraph. The more tips the better – get over 100 if you can.
  3. Paste all of these tips into word AI and spin on one of their readable settings
    Take the resulting spin tax and paste it Chimp Rewriter.
  4. Select all of the text and click the “Tip Creator” tool.
  5. Select the number of tips per article you would like. (I recommend to check the randomize tip ordering)
  6. Click “Create Tips”
  7. Chimp Rewriter takes all of the spun tips and spins them so you get a random selection of tips per spin.

The tips are (hopefully) from many different sources so they are unlikely to appear on the same page anywhere else (adding to the uniqueness of the article) and they are are only lightly spun with WordAi so are perfectly readable.

Using Word AI and Chimp Rewriter For Regular Articles

  1. Take a keyword and scrape a bunch of articles from different sources. These articles all have to be on the same theme and subject and the more recently they were published on the web the better.
  2. Take the first paragraph of all the articles and paste them into Word AI and spend them on readable level.
  3. Paste resulting syntax into chimp rewriter and spin all the paragraphs together on the same line. This will be the first paragraph of your article.
  4. Take all the other paragraphs paste into word AI and spin are readable level.
  5. Paste all the spin text into chimp rewriter.
  6. Use the tools available to spin similar paragraphs together.
  7. Use the spin reorder tool to err…reorder the paragraphs.
  8. Click spin view and select the Jets spin profile – copy all of this to you clipboard.
  9. Add it so it follows the first paragraph (there will be a lot of it due to the paragraph reordering).

What you have now is a very unique but readable article suitable for tier 1 links but which can be submitted hundreds of times safely.

Download & Use Chimp Rewriter For Free

There are many other methods of creating readable and unique content using these two tools but these are two of  my favourites. I hope to post some more at a later date.

WordAi Review

WordAi is an online content spinner/rewriter which does something that no other spinning/rewriting software or service is capable of: it spins entire sentences as well as words and phrases. It understands the context of words and sentences enabling to to produce readable and unique content at the push of a button. You will find some examples of what it can do below.


Create Readable Unique Content On Autopilot

Why is this so important? Having unique, readable content on your website and surrounding back-links to you website is the most important factor for ranking websites in 2013. To achieve this you either have to:

  • Write the content yourself – this is great if you are good at writing and you know a lot about the subject you are writing about. For most of us this is not the case however.
  • Pay someone to write for you. There are plenty of writing services on the web. You can expect to pay around $1 per 100 words for anything decent.
  • Manually spin content. I’ve spent many hours spinning articles and I hate it. Spend 4 or 5 hours properly spinning a 500 word article (sentence,phrase and word spinning) and you will could post it a few hundred times without any duplicate content issues. But using one spun article (even if it is spun deeply) for all your contextual back-links will not look natural and you run the risk of being penalised by google.
  • Have software spin content for you. Up until now this method was simply not viable as the quality of the content produced was poor and unreadable or simply not unique enough. This is where WordAi can help.

If you are reading this then I assume that it is the last two that interest you the most. While you can spin manually in WordAi it’s main purpose is to auto spin i.e. the software does all the spinning for you at the click of a button.

Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

WordAi Features: Sentence Spinning

WordAi is unique in that it can recognise the structure of sentences and rearrange them while retaining readability. This wouldn’t be much of a review without some examples:


Note these are sentences spun in their Turing Spinner on their “Very Readable” setting. Using a more unique setting will cause it to add more word and phrase spins but I just wanted to show you how it can understand and spin sentences.

Original sentence:
It is awfully embarrassing when I am with a guy.

{It is awfully embarrassing when I am with a {guy|man}|When I am with a {guy|man} it is awfully embarrassing}.

Original sentence:
Her legs felt very weak as she climbed the stairs.

{Her legs felt {very|quite} weak as {she climbed the stairs|the stairs were climbed by her}|As {she climbed the stairs|the stairs were climbed by her} her legs felt {very|quite} weak}.

Original sentence:
As the vibrations from the bones in the middle ear enter the cochlea, they cause the fluid to move.

{As {the vibrations from the bones in the middle ear enter the cochlea|the cochlea is entered by the vibrations from the bones in the middle ear}, they cause the fluid to move|They cause the fluid to move, as {the vibrations from the bones in the middle ear enter the cochlea|the cochlea is entered by the vibrations from the bones in the middle ear}}.

As you can see it can recognise and swap the the subject,verb and object of sentences – no other piece of software can do this even those which take n-grams and ‘parts of speech’ into account.

WordAi Features: Word Spinning & Homonyms

Homowhat? Homonyms are words spelt the same but with different meanings – the bane of many a content spinner, not for WordAi however. It recognises the context of a word by the words surrounding it.


The word “suspect” has 3 different meanings:

  1. The suspect was found not guilty.
  2. He looked rather suspect to me.
  3. I suspect it was him.
  1. The {suspect|defendant} was found not guilty.
  2. He {looked|appeared|seemed} {rather|somewhat} {suspect|funny|questionable|suspicious} to me.
  3. I {suspect|guess|imagine|suppose} it was him.

As you can see it understands the meaning of each use of the word suspect and uses appropriate synonyms – the vast majority of spinners can not do this.

Is It Worth $19.95/$49.95 per month?

In my opinion it is worth every penny and I am talking about the $49.95 Turing spinner here. Why? Because it saves so much time. I don’t have to worry about writing fresh, original content for my first tier of backlinks any more – WordAi does 90% of that for me. Some of the produced content has been so good I’ve used it on my main sites. Occasionally the spintax needs a little extra work – but this only takes a couple of  minutes (for this I use ChimpRewriter but you can edit it in WordAi too.

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You don’t have to take my word for it because you can try it out for yourself for free. You get 3 days messing around with it before you have to start paying the subscription. If you are not sure it is worth it by then simply cancel and you wont pay a penny.